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Source: Next-gen Ford Police Interceptor will debut this Friday in Las Vegas

Hold on to your sap gloves and night sticks – it's that time of the decade! An Autoblog source reveals that Ford is about to release a brand spankin' new Police Interceptor. Not only is this humongous news for our pals in the law enforcement community, but this is 120-point headline font for taxi companies around the country, as they typically buy old Police Interceptors with 90,000 miles on 'em and repurpose them as the cabs we all know and love passing out in. Why? Because Police Interceptors are the toughest passenger cars money can buy.

Few of us have the need to drive over curbs at 50+ mph, but if that need arises, you're going to want to do so in an Interceptor. Aside from the "severe duty" shocks, you get a beefed up frame and body mounts. Yes, that is correct. The Crown Victoria-based Police Interceptor is body-on-frame. Listen, when you're PIT maneuvering a perp during a high speed chase, the last thing you want to worry about is bending the chassis. Plus you got them heavy duty brakes, suspension components and oil coolers. A sweet package, no doubt.

Here's the thing though. If this new Police Interceptor is more than a package, what platform will it ride on? Ford has stated publicly that it's ending the geriatric Panther Platform Crown Victoria's life in 2011. We'll go ahead and interpret that to mean that this new Police Interceptor won't be Crown Victoria-based. Do we know that for sure? No, but it's a logical bit of speculation. Could the new Interceptor be Taurus-based, maybe something with a SHO motor and stouter brakes? Again, yes, but for all we know the upcoming car's a Fiesta with the Mustang GT's new 5.0-liter V8 crammed in the rear seat. Or one of them apocryphal Australia-only rear-drive Falcons. All we know for sure is that Ford's introducing a new Police Interceptor to a select group of folks in Las Vegas this Friday. Production? Concept? We're not entirely sure yet. More details when we get them.

[Image: davidsonscott15 | CC2.0]

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