Every couple of years, a big charity gets in trouble for paying out big monies to executives or cronies. This time it's two German charities, Treberhilfe and Hatun & Can, being dipped in some boiling water not because of money their executives made, but money they spent. On a Maserati and a Land Rover, to be precise.

When it was discovered that Treberhilfe's director drives a Maserati company car, Harald Ehlert said that it's "a car for a gentleman" and that he had to make a good impression on donors. On that latter point, well, he might have a point; as they say in LA, you can't sell million-dollar homes in a Pontiac. And even the director of the Salvation Army makes nearly $200,000 per year. None of that has quelled the baying, although we do find it intriguing that Ehlert's 3-year-old car was only discovered because of a court dispute about a speeding ticket.

The leadership at Hatun & Can, a women's aid group, has not only been called out by donors but is being investigated by the German police for fraud and embezzlement. In this case it is unclear what the financial shenanigans entail, but a Land Rover has been confiscated from the charity's fleet and the non-profit's bank accounts have been frozen. If you happen to be the head of an aid group and you've had your eye on a 911 for a spell, one word for you: don't.

[Source: Deutsche Welle]

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