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Remember the old days before the minivan came along? Well, Brits sure do. Because while America may move around in trucks and pickups, over in the British Isles, the full-size van is the workhorse of choice for movers, plumbers, electricians, bank robbers and just about anyone who's got stuff to cart around and can't fit into a compact panel van like the Ford Transit Connect. Now Vauxhall has launched a new full-size van with which it hopes to claim a larger share of the market.

Called the Movano, the Vauxhall van was co-developed with sister company Opel and with French automaker Renault, which gets its own version on The Continent called the Master. Thanks to a wide choice of cabs, wheelbases, cargo lengths and roof heights, the big van can be ordered in no less than 29 bodystyles. Buyers can even choose between front- or rear-wheel drive and three different outputs (100, 125 or 150 horsepower) available from the 2.3-liter four-cylinder common-rail diesel. Now that's what we can versatility.

While the Movano/Master is currently restricted to overseas markets, we can't help but wonder – given the proliferation of the Mercedes-Benz/Dodge Sprinter since its launch on this side of the Atlantic – whether this van could make it in America. Currently neither of the parties (Opel/Vauxhall or Renault) are marketed in North America, but their sister companies do. Slap a Bowtie or the letters G-M-C on the grille – or a Nissan badge, for that matter – and Mercedes-Benz could end up sprinting the opposite direction.

Potential? Check out the details in the pair of press releases after the jump, have a look through the photos in the gallery below and share your thoughts in our comments section.

[Sources: Vauxhall, Renault]
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  • Massive range with 29 body types to choose from
  • Available with front or rear-wheel drive
  • Class leading cabin ergonomics and cargo space
  • Gross vehicle weight up to 4.5 tons, payload up to 2.5 tons
  • New power trains with low operating costs
Luton: The all new Movano from Vauxhall will be a serious player in the heavy van segment when it's launched in the UK market this year.

Customers for Vauxhall's second generation Movano will be spoilt for choice when the new van goes on sale in May, with no less than 29 different body styles to choose from once all variants have come to market.

Movano's drivers can also expect to be among the happiest and most comfortable when they get behind the wheel with special attention having been paid to cabin comfort and ergonomics, as well as to the cargo space areas. A new range of fuel-sipping common rail diesel engines ensure operators will be just as content.

The modular platform, developed jointly with Renault, comes with front or rear-wheel drive depending on payload category. Rear-wheel drive variants can be ordered with twin wheels at the rear.

The new Vauxhall Movano will offer a wider selection of variants than most of the competition, as well as a tailor-made model for nearly every potential customer profile. The full range includes panel van, doublecab and Combi versions, chassis cabs with standard or crew cab, platform cab, three wheelbases, four vehicle lengths and three roof heights.

UK prices are also announced today and start from a highly competitive £21,660 (ex.VAT) for the L2H2 3300 FWD 100PS model.

New Movano is also an excellent base for conversions and will be available ex-works as a tipper, dropside and box van.

Cab comfort and safety has been enhanced in a number of areas such as driver visibility, multi-adjustable seats (in various configurations) and an adjustable steering column that allows for relaxed driving on the longest journeys. Meanwhile the options list for the new Movano has really moved the game on with items such as static cornering lights, a centre seat back that folds into a work surface and a rotating laptop table.

An array of easy-to-reach storage compartments round off the Movano's superbly practical use of space.

The cargo area of the new Movano offers load lengths extending to 4.4 metres, and load capacity of up to 17 cubic metres (L4H3 version).

Loading the new Movano couldn't be simpler. Front-wheel drive variants feature low sill heights while all models offer side sliding and rear access doors. Large door apertures make access for large loads and Euro palettes easy.

Under the bonnet, a new generation of 2.3 CDTi four-cylinder common-rail diesel engines combine strong performance with low operating costs. Three power outputs are available: 100PS/285 Nm, 125 PS/310 Nm and 150PS/350 Nm. All engines come with a six-speed gearbox as standard and are Euro 4 or Euro 5 (with DPF) compliant. The 125PS and 150PS versions can be coupled with the semi-auto Techshift transmission.

New Movano's fuel consumption is expected to be among best in class when all versions are launched, depending on model and engine.

Increased fuel efficiency isn't the only way new Movano owners will save money. The new engines are now designed with a 250,000 mile lifespan while extended mileage service intervals and reduced maintenance costs are an added bonus.

Movano's advanced chassis has been tuned to be agile but also comfortable, both when loaded and empty. Active and passive safety equipment includes ABS brakes with electronic brake force distribution (EBD) as standard on all models while electronic stability program (ESP) is also standard on rear-wheel drive and optional for front-wheel drive versions. Passive safety features include front airbags, side airbags integrated in the seats (optional) and seat-belt pretensioners.

The launch phase of the new Movano will be staggered according to the body variants and vehicles will be available in the UK from May.



As of April 2010, Renault Trucks' Delivery range will see a new addition with the latest Renault Master. With a new design, new cab and new engine versions, this new offer also features new rear-wheel drive models.

Renault Trucks will roll out the following versions throughout 2010: panel van, chassis cab, chassis double cab, chassis cowl, platform cab, platform cowl. The new models will be available with front or rear-wheel drive according to the version, and with single or twin wheels.

Because Renault Trucks believes that a light commercial vehicle is both a working tool and a workplace and, because its users rely on it for every day use, Renault Trucks offers these professionals a 'services included' Renault Master: dedicated sales facilities and maintenance services in its Fast & Pro van sales and service centres, Start & Drive repair and maintenance contracts and Expandys warranty extension contracts. In effect, the total commitment of an LCV expert delivering hassle-free work solutions.

Renault Trucks' new Renault Master range has been designed with a focus on facilitating the day-to-day work of professionals, meeting their efficiency, fuel consumption and comfort needs.

From 2.8t to 4.5t GVW in panel van, chassis cab, chassis double cab, chassis cowl, platform cab, platform cowl versions, with front or rear-wheel drive according to the version, and with single or twin wheels, up to 17m3 of loading capacity and 2,254kg payload in the panel van version and 2,495kg in the chassis cab version, the new Renault Master will transport just about anything. All this, with fuel consumption achievable of under 8 litres/per 100km.1

On the driver's side, driving and working comfort is also prioritised with a new cab interior reminiscent of a big saloon car. With a car-like driving position, integrated Tom-Tom® GPS, multiple storage areas and an office space, the day-to-day live of the driver is made easier. Bigger side and rear doors and a lower loading level at 542mm simplify frequent loading and unloading operations, in particular in urban areas.

The Renault Master is more than a vehicle. It's a proper working tool and Renault Trucks commits to the success of Renault Master users with the support of its extensive sales and maintenance network, and in particular its Fast & Pro van sales and service accredited centres. The objective is to provide Renault Master users not only with reduced downtime for vehicle maintenance, but also to provide good visibility on costs, with a high level of service delivered by professionals to professionals.

As the ideal complement to the Renault Maxity, the other model in Renault Trucks' UK Delivery range, Renault Master offers urban distribution, tradesmen and controlled temperature transport professionals, in particular, the LCV solution they need.

Renault Master: a broader, customised offer for effective working2
The newly extended Renault Master range was designed to satisfy the needs of all customers in the 2.8t to 4.5t segment. On the basis of a single shell chassis delivering higher payload, Renault Trucks now has an LCV which can be adapted to many applications.

In the panel van version, with front or rear wheel drive, single or twin wheels, Renault Master has 3 wheelbase sizes of 3,182mm, 3,682mm and 4,332mm, with a short or long overhang, for a total of 4 inside lengths up to 4,383mm, 3 heights, manual or automated gearbox (with E5), etc.

Before the summer 2010, the chassis cab versions will allow the adaptation of a huge range of bodies and equipment thanks to bodiable lengths ranging from 3,182mm to 4,838mm in the front wheel drive version, and from 3,182mm to 5,746mm in the single wheel, rear wheel drive version and from 3,639mm to 5,468mm in the twin wheel rear wheel drive version. The range will also be available in the following configurations to meet all professional users' demands: chassis-cowl, platform cab and double cab.

Rear wheel drive versions much appreciated by Renault Trucks customers.
The Renault Master range is supplemented by twin wheel, rear wheel drive models and single wheel, rear wheel drive models, the latter case hitherto unseen in this vehicle. These models are an ideal complement to the front wheel drive models which are optimised in payload and which put more emphasis on engine power and payload on the rear axle.
In particular, suspensions have been adapted to offer better drive line resistance: the single wheel versions are equipped with twin-leaf suspensions whilst the twin versions have three-leaf suspensions. The rear wheel drive models are available in a panel van version and in particular a chassis cab, chassis double cab version which is particularly appreciated in the construction industry.

Engine versions
Renault Master is available with three Euro4 engine versions: 2.3L dCi, 100hp, 125hp and 150hp with maximum torque of 1,250 rpm for enhanced mobility in all situations.
A Euro5 version of these engine configurations with particle filter is now available for those who wish to plan today for the pollution standards of the future (compulsory as of the end of 2011). This means that the Renault Master will be allowed access to Low Emission Zones.

Interior and exterior design

The day-to-day work of the driver is more efficient with Renault Master. The cab interior has been completely redesigned to integrate as many intelligent storage areas as possible such as the closed computer/A4 document box, the special mobile phone well with connections and the fold-away writing tray option in the central console.

Numerous small storage areas are available to the driver for glasses, cups or cans, water bottles and a refrigerated glove compartment. The list of equipment available has also lengthened with a new Bluetooth kit for safe telephoning, hands-free cab access and an integrated Tom-Tom® GPS system, with Renault Trucks service points indicated in the system!

The exterior also offers new loading and access facilities with wider side door opening of 1,270mm, a lower loading height at the rear at 542mm for the front wheel drive and 672mm for the single-wheel rear wheel version and 700mm for the twin-wheel version. All this makes a big difference for the deliveryman who sometimes has to load and unload the vehicle up to 30 times per day!

As an option, the Renault Master also has a rear door which opens to 270° and interior wood fittings.

The variety of configurations and equipment on the new Renault Master allows Renault Trucks to propose an ideally suited solution to each professional according to his needs: from courier to retailer via the building sector and public sector services, everybody will find their own Renault Master solution.

Renault Master: an economic work tool
Reduced consumption and controlled operating cost are major features of the new Renault Master.

Its new, smaller-capacity engine offers a better compromise between performance, torque and consumption. The results are there to prove it: the 125hp engine in L2H2 version Euro4 consumes under 8L per 100km and emits less than 227g per km of CO2 (NEDC mixed cycle), i.e. 7% less than the previous Master without losing any of its verve. The choice of an n automated gearbox on the 125hp and 150hp versions improves fuel consumption even further on the Renault Master. The manual gearbox has a 'Freeshift' light on the dashboard to recommend a gear change, thereby optimising consumption.

The Renault Master's optimised payload will also count: each additional kilo transported represents a productivity gain at the end of the day. Thus, according to the model chosen, a front wheel drive van has a payload of between 994kg and 1,684kg and a rear wheel drive van 1,397kg (GVW of 3.5t) and 2,254kg (GVW of 4.5t).

The Euro5 engine includes a new generation of particle filters, which regenerate when the vehicle is stationary (traffic jams, delivery) and this, without affecting engine performance in terms of fuel consumption or driver intervention. Its operation is very straightforward.

New particle filter: how does it work?

The new particle filter has a fifth injector located on the exhaust line. The difference is that it is totally independent of the normal engine injection cycle and dedicated solely to regenerating the filter.

When a sufficient quantity of soot is detected in the filter, a minute quantity of fuel is injected into the exhaust gases causing their temperature to rise (to above 570°C). The particle filter, located immediately down-line, uses this additional heat to trigger its stored particle elimination process.

With this technology, the process no longer depends on vehicle speed, rpm or journey length, contrary to the other solutions which are available on the market. It even works when the vehicle is stopped or the engine is turning slowly, does not impact consumption and is extremely quiet.

Finally, with emphasis placed on vehicle productivity from the word go, progress is also due to the spacing of maintenance intervals to reduce Renault Master operating costs over time. For example, on a Renault Master Euro4 front or rear-wheel drive, the first oil change is now 40,000km instead of 30,000km, or two years. Better still, the drive line and particle filter are now designed to last as long as the vehicle itself. This means peace-of-mind for the self-employed who rely so much on the availability of their vehicle.

On the reliability side, the objectives fixed by Renault Trucks are even stricter than on the previous versions of the Master. And when you realise that a courier company covers over 80,000km a year with a single vehicle, quality and reliability need to be guaranteed.

Renault Master: a comfortable working environment
Renault Trucks knows that LCV drivers sometimes spend over eight hours per day in their vehicle, and so it is a real working and living space for them. Comfort is therefore a key feature of the new Renault Master.

Aesthetics first, with the more imposing design which maintains Renault Master's characteristic angular profile, giving it an impression of agility.

But more importantly, working comfort, with a new improved driving position which has been enhanced down to the minutest detail. As well as the new storage areas and equipment which make the driver's day-to-day life easier, Renault Master is equipped with a new driver seat which adapts to all body types. The driving position, based on a car design, refers to new anthropometric databases which take the evolution of the population's size and bodyweight into account. The seat is therefore lower, with maximum adjustment possible in terms of length: even the largest drivers can drive in comfort. Adjustment is simple with the adjustable steering column. The comfort of the seat itself has been vastly improved using more ergonomic foam, interior armrests, lumbar settings and a suspended seat as an option.

When properly seated, the driver can really enjoy the Renault Master driving experience: with a homogenous engine offering real driving pleasure, Renault Master delivers excellent dynamic reactions thanks to its new suspension. Manoeuvring is also made easier, with a 12m turning circle.

Driver comfort also implies safety, and here again Renault Master is crammed with new features. Adaptive ESP and ASR traction control, now standard on rear wheel versions, are set automatically according to load to correct the Renault Master's trajectory. ABS, EBA (emergency brake assist) and the driver airbag are also standard on all models. Night driving is made safer with halogen cornering lights which anticipate corners in the road according to the steering angle, even at low speeds. Thanks to improved disc brakes, braking distance from 100kmh to 0kmh is between 42m and 48m, making it one of the best on the market.

Renault Master: delivery, service included
For Renault Trucks, light commercial vehicle efficiency is reflected by the quality of the associated services. Renault Master has all the expertise of Renault Trucks in sales and maintenance of LCVs with Fast & Pro accredited centres, Start & Drive maintenance contracts, maintenance packs and the Expandys warranty extensions at its disposal.

Fast & Pro centres dedicated to the sale and maintenance of Renault Master
Proximity, speed and professionalism characterise this label accredited to Renault Trucks' approved repairers and distributors who meet strict conditions in the sale and maintenance of LCVs. In particular they must offer a physically separate area from the rest of the workshop, personalised reception for the customer and meet equipment (tools, lifting equipment, storage of parts, etc.) and human resources (specific Fast & Pro training for members of staff) requirements.

Whether a craftsman, trader, building contractor or head of a courier company, when the Renault Master user goes to a Fast & Pro workshop he is sure of finding an area which is entirely dedicated to LCVs, with quality and skill standards accredited by Renault Trucks. Specialised personnel are available during extended opening hours for advice on LCV purchase and access to quick, efficient after-sales service from competent staff that are especially trained in LCVs. Also, the user will find specific services such as courtesy vehicles in case of extended downtime. Such high-level services are found in all Fast & Pro workshops, whatever their size or geographical location.

Launched in test format in 2005 and then under real working conditions the following year, the Fast & Pro label is now present throughout Europe. 80 centres are now operational and Renault Trucks plans to have 250 of them accredited by the end of 2012.

With these dedicated centres, as well as the 1,500 approved repair and service outlets of the Renault Trucks network, Renault Master users are guaranteed quick service adapted to their needs and transparent in terms of price, in the name of greater efficiency to help them optimise the efficiency of their day-to-day work.

Start & Drive and Expandys contracts for greater peace of mind
Planning downtime periods and maintenance budgets for vehicles are the objectives of the Start & Drive and Expandys contracts proposed by Renault Trucks, especially for LCV users.

Renault Trucks Start & Drive repair and maintenance contracts offer professionals peace of mind for vehicle maintenance and repair. With a standard contract, regular, planned visits ensure day-to-day vehicle maintenance and therefore limit accidental downtimes. Complete cover includes all maintenance and vehicle repairs so that customers can plan and spread their costs over the long term.

The Expandys warranty extension covers technical risks over a 2 to 4 year period according to the contract chosen. To suit the needs of all professionals, the contracts are configured according to annual estimated distances and durations.

Renault Master: an ideal complement to the Renault Trucks Delivery range

A complete, multipurpose range
In respect of its self-employed customers, Renault Trucks occupies a unique position on the LCV market. Its know-how comes from long experience and listening to LCV users. With an average of 25,000 LCVs sold per year and 1,500 sales and service outlets in over 100 countries, Renault Trucks is recognised as an LCV specialist. It offers professionals a broad range of transport solutions with Master (2.8t to 3.5t) and Maxity (2.8t to 4.5t). These can be configured upon request as they come off the production line, depending on whether the customer wants a tipper, high volume van or flat bed version.

Renault Maxity, with its cab-over-engine design, available in versions from 2.8t to 4.5t, is a distillation of compactness, manoeuvrability and payload, with a resolutely innovatory design both inside and out. Launched in 2007, Maxity already reports 15,000 sales and there are no plans to stop there. With a new automated 6-gear gearbox for better productivity, a particle filter for enhanced environmental protection and its new seats, onboard comfort is better than ever.

A range targeting profitability and reliability

Renault Trucks' Delivery vehicles range offer high quality, reliability and profitability. Quality is guaranteed by the grade of materials used and saloon-car finishing, a latest-generation drive line and a design and manufacturing process compliant with Renault Trucks standards.

Efficient, comfortable and economic, Renault Master, presented by Renault Trucks at the Solutrans show in Lyon from March 2nd to 6th 2009, will be a winner with professionals who are looking for a light commercial vehicle which exceed current expectations.

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