If you knew that Big Brother someone who controls your paycheck was watching how you were treating his or her company-owned vehicle, would that knowledge alter the way you drive it? That exact functionality is available with the Crew Chief application of the Ford Work Solutions package, and initial reports are showing that employees driving Ford F-Series trucks equipped with the technology are using less fuel and driving more safely.

According to Bill Frykman, Ford Work Solutions product and business development manager, "We've seen fuel economy gains of upwards of 20 percent through the modification of driver behavior. There's decreased top speed, less engine idle time and more efficient operation of the vehicle." As any fleet manager will tell you, a 20 percent savings in fuel costs is huge – and all through simple behavioral modification, not costly changes in a vehicle's running gear.

Interestingly, Frykman also suggests that Ford Work Solutions could someday merge with the Blue Oval's well-regarded Sync system, creating a package that's suitable for both commercial and private use depending on the suite of applications the owner chooses to download and install.

[Source: PickupTrucks.com]

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