Steve Wyrick's Mustang Unleashed stunt -- Click above to watch video

There have been rallies and skateboards and drag races and tattoos, among other things. Now, the tenth and final film of the 2010 pony car festival that is Mustang Unleashed has gone out in smoky style, with a big Las Vegas number filmed on the strip. This time Vaughn Gittin, Jr. plays a support role to Hard Rock's illusionist Steve Wyrick, who pulls off a little sleight-of-car-and-body that channels Houdini and almost any Nicholas Cage stunt scene that has a car in it.

Like the best tricks, it isn't long but will have you wondering how it was done. If you get any ideas, the video warns you not to try this at home – not even driving – without the use of magic. Follow the jump to see it for yourself.

[Source: Mustang Unleashed]

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