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As part of Ford's The '10 Unleashed program you've seen a blind man realize his dream of getting behind the wheel of his favorite muscle car and a student get to drag race against his shop teacher on Pinks All Out. The latest person to get their Mustang dream granted by Ford is Daniel Verlarde, a 24-year-old Los Angeles student that takes his commitment to Mustangs more seriously than most. Already an owner of a '69 Mustang, Verlarde wanted to permanently display his love of Ford's pony car with a custom tattoo that would match the graphics on a brand new 2010 Mustang.

With Ford's approval to make the dream a reality, High Voltage Tattoo in Hollywood stepped in to create the artwork on Verlarde's arm, Luis Lopez worked his magic on the side of the car, and Galpin Auto Sports helped customize the Mustang with a set of 20-inch wheels, a hood scoop, FR3 handling pack, and more. Watch the entire video after the jump to see Verlarde's wish come true. Permanently.

[Source: Ford]


DEARBORN, Mich., Sept. 8, 2009 – Some automotive enthusiasts express their love for cars by purchasing new wheels for their ride, while others simply collect toy model replicas. Not 24-year-old Daniel Verlarde, a longtime Mustang fanatic who decided to express his love permanently – by getting a new custom Mustang pony logo tattooed on his body.

The psychology student and Los Angeles resident's tattoo also inspired the customization of his all-new 2010 Ford Mustang, which was designed to match the permanent ink on his skin. Verlarde's experience was made possible by participating in "The '10 Unleashed" program, which encourages consumers to submit entries describing their ultimate Mustang dream experience in 250 words or less. Videos chronicling Verlarde's customization journey unleashing his Mustang side are featured starting today at

"I wanted a tattoo artist to design a 2010 Mustang tattoo and I wanted the creation to be brought to life with the customization of an actual 2010 Mustang," said Verlarde. "This way, I could be a part of the car and the car would always be a part of me. My dream came true."

Verlarde's 2010 Mustang tattoo was created by famed artist Adam Forman at High Voltage Tattoo in Hollywood. His real-life customized 2010 Ford Mustang features paint from Luis Lopez, an artist who has more than 10 years experience in custom paintwork. Additional modifications on the vehicle include a new set of 20-inch wheels, a hood scoop, side scoops, side window louvers, rear deck fascia and an FR3 Handling Pack for a lowered stance.

"Daniel was able to unleash his inner Mustang by combining his two passions," said Ford Mustang Communications Manager Patricia Piedrahita. "The result is an extraordinary account of what customization really means to those who live and breathe Mustang."

Like Verlarde, enthusiasts' love for customization can be fulfilled by creating their very own one-of-a-kind Mustang on the site. The Mustang Customizer is a tool for consumers to dream up their ultimate Mustang by creating, modifying and customizing their own vehicle. The site also includes a gallery where one can judge the custom Mustangs others have submitted.

Verlarde's experience is among several other dream Mustang experiences Ford is bringing to life with "The '10 Unleashed." Famous drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. slid sideways around Japan; consumer Roger Keeney drove blindly; and 18-year-old consumer Derek Murrell drag raced his high school shop teacher. Verlarde's experience and each of the other incredible chapters can be viewed on

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