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Back in June when we took part in the annual Ford Racing Invitational at Milan Dragway, we had the pleasure of meeting young Derek Murrell. You may recall that Derek is the 18 year-old who had just graduated from high school in Florida and had entered Ford's 2010 Mustang Unleashed contest. His dream was to drag race against his auto shop teacher Bill Rosenblum for the chance to win a new Mustang GT on Pinks All Out.

We talked to Derek a week before he went up against his teacher at Maryland International Raceway. Ford asked us not to tell you who won until after the program had aired on Speed which it evidently has now. Murrell, who had never raced before got coaching from veteran racer Bob Glidden while Rosenblum visited the Livernois motorsports shop to see his car being built up. What Rosenblum didn't know until he arrived at the drag strip was who his competition would be. Murrell and Rosenblum would go head to head in a best two-out-of-three for the new 'Stang. Check out the three videos after the jump to find out who got the keys.

[Source: Ford]

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