2011 BMW 5 Series Touring - click above image for hi-res gallery

Looky, looky – it's another piece of future German metal disguised to look like MC Escher on peyote. But what is it? Well, unlike the never ending back-and-forth between the A6 and/or the A8, we're certain this is the new 2011 5 Series Touring, a.k.a. a Bimmer station wagon or "Kombi" as they call 'em over in Europe. Not bad, right? Kinda lithe yet athletic at the same time. Good looking, too. And let's not forget the M versions of these puppies. Only thing is, what we think probably doesn't matter – odds are we'll never see the 5 Series Touring here in the States.

Why is that? We've mentioned it before, but BMW just launched the 5 Series Gran Turismo. Selling both of the fairly similar five-door cars along side each other might cut into sales. Additionally, wagons have never sold well for BMW here in North America – and for some reason, Americans just aren't into traditional car-like station wagons. And since in BMW's mind the 5 Series GT is going to be a hit, why mess with a good thing?

A few reasons. Never mind the nearly 1,000 pound weight advantage of the wagon (around 4,000 pounds) over the GT (about 4,800 pounds) – which should bring with it better mileage, performance and handling – to its detractors, the Gran Turismo just has an air of Chrysler Pacifica about it. Of course, since the day it came out, many of us auto-journo types have been asking why one would buy the SUV-ish X5 when the hauls-just-as-much-stuff 5 Series wagon is not only available but costs less, goes quicker, handles better, etc. Looks like BMW just might just disarm that line of questioning altogether. Maybe.

[Source: CarPix]

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