BMW E39 M5 Touring - Click above image for hi-res gallery

It seems to be raining apocryphal BMW M cars that have been sitting in cold storage. And in a way, it has! On Thursday, we saw the mind-boggling, hyper-cool E34 M5 Convertible that BMW stashed away for twenty long years. Today's car isn't nearly as crypto (meaning we've seen pictures of it before), but in a way it's much, much cooler.

We posited that perhaps the E34 M5 is in fact the best M car of all. Well, here's the truth -- the E39 M5 is the one we want, hands down, 100%. We were just waxing poetical. E39 M5, every time over here, boss. Why? With that big fat 400 horsepower V8 and those conservative duds, the E39 is still the ultimate M sleeper. Er, that is, it would be if not for the E39 M5 Wagon.

Yes that's right, an M Wagon. Many of you who bothered to click through the E34 M5 convertible gallery noticed the M5 Wagon (or "Touring" as BMW calls the 5-door in a lame attempt to mask its wagonness) just sitting there. We were going to say something, but, you know how it is -- pics or it didn't happen. Anyhoo, the story goes that BMW wanted to build the E39 M5 Wagon but some issue with the rear axle misbehaving led them to decide that the car just wouldn't be up to M Division snuff. And the plug was pulled.

So there you have it. And now we come to the part in the story where we come fully clean and admit that the M Coupe is our actual favorite ever M car. Unless that M8 shows its face...

[Source: BMW Blog]

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