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We distinctly remember 3rd grade. Specifically, sitting in the library once a month during recess. Why would we give up dodgeball and four-square to sit inside and read? Because the new issues of Off Road and 4Wheeler had just dropped and they had stories about Bigfoot! Bearfoot too, and Carzilla – but mostly Bigfoot! Happy days, happy days. And here at this year's SEMA Show, both the original 1975 Bigfoot #1 (the world's first monster truck) and the new-for-2009 Bigfoot (#12 of fifteen Bigfoots) showed up to terrorize the Las Vegas Convention Center's parking lot.

Well, not terrorize – because people love the Bigfoots (Bigfeets?) so very much. But lordy, are these some hella intimidating trucks, even all these years later. Perhaps most notable is that the new Bigfoot is actually a 2008 Ford F-250 body cut to look like a 1979 F-250. Also cool is the 35-year gulf in technology between the two beasts. We could have spent a couple hours standing underneath (no, really!) Bigfoot #12 just admiring the headers. And the gas bypass shocks. And the supercharger, etc. Sadly, the duo of Bigfoots won't be crushing any cars this week. Let's make that double sadly, as this year's SEMA show features many deserving candidates. For more (and better) details, check out's Bigfoot post.

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