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When we think about off-road prowess, brands like Land Rover, Jeep and Hummer come to mind. We've never once considered putting BMW on that list, though the Ultimate Driving Machine gets its kudos for its on-pavement athletic talent. That predisposition could change after watching a rough-and-ready BMW X5 go all "monster truck" on a pair of unsuspecting sedans.

Hit the jump to watch a dimwitted X5 owner as he or she earns a big fat Fail in the art of parking lot etiquette. The video starts off normally enough, but it gets very interesting about 20 seconds in when the driver inexplicably slams on the gas instead of the brake, catapulting the Bimmer on top of one of the cars while using the other vehicle as a ramp. The unidentified driver then takes off after spending about ten "holy crap" seconds staring at the stupidity he or she created. Time to change the couture jeans.

On the bright side, the X5 would appear to have more rock-hoppin' skills than we ever imagined. And is it just us, or does the Honda CR-V in the foreground look a little jealous?

[Source: YouTube via BoingBoing]

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