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Here at the Autoblog, we get accused of many things. From somehow making a living off of the Ford Mustang to dating other male journalists to "FAIL!" we've heard it all. In fact, we hear the latter a lot. One that particularly sticks in our collective craw is the accusation that we somehow prefer American aftermarket tuners to foreign ones. So untrue. It's really a matter of access, as in all the American tuners live here in America (where we do) and they let us drive their cars around. It's hard to do that when a PR budget is tiny and the car's in Dusseldorf. Also, sometimes, things are lost in translation -- we'll get to that later.

Case in point – here's a car we'd give canines and molars to drive – in stock form. Meet the Loder1899 Ford Focus RS. The oddly named German tuner took Ford's 300 horsepower hottie Focus and, to quote Emeril, kicked it up a notch by BAMMING the output to 345 hp. Which is exactly as much horsepower as the Porsche 928 was making in 1995, the last year of its run. And the Porsche had a 5.4-liter V8.

The Loder1899 Focus RS has but five cylinders, less than half the porker's displacement (a scant 2.5-liters and one humdinger of a turbocharger). However, they've added a Y-pipe for greater growling, a new air filter for better breathing and dropped the ride height by 35 mm (a bit more than an inch). The tires are filled with nitrogen and we love the wheels, too. Plus, they left the Insanity Green or whatever that color's called. Sounds and looks like this side of fantastic to us.

Oh, we promised you more the lost in translation part later on. Well, while Loder1899 has a whole bunch of information on their hopped up Ford Focus RS on their website, it's all in German. But we're living in 2009 baby – no problemo. Just run that stuff through Google's translator, right? Not exactly... world's first NSFW press release after the jump!

[Souce: Loder1899 via EVO]


As Ford's professionals are the men from Loder1899 course, clear that the power development at Focus RS is sensational and you had better not be too obvious to fuck with a whole development team.

But the Loders is forgiven, because without the Focus RS Loder1899 there would be no and no RS-Tuning the young pioneers not exciting accessories. 2003 Loder1899 developed a small fine for the Focus RS exhaust system and took it for the first time with Jost Capito team. The Focus fans thanked him with great demand. This time there were specialists in today's Ford, Land Rover, Jaguar and Aston Martin, the initial spark.

Today Loder1899 Focus hidden under the hood in the form of a syringe, a doping control and sports performance via the air filter. She brings out the 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine further out 45 extra horsepower. Moreover Loder1899 offers the specially-bred athlete for the Focus RS more sophisticated stainless-steel exhaust system, which consists of a Y-pipe, Sportkats, and there is Vorschall silencer. It provides for more rapid 20 horses and a deeper sound than the original Rally-conditioning.

With the brand new designer wheel "Vertigo Viginti" in 20 inches is the perfect appearance of the top athletes from Ford is no more obstacles. Loder1899, known for its custom wheel and tire combinations, provides the perfect finish on request in car boots or special colors. For a crisp finish, the curve provides Loder1899-lowering (-35mm).

With a wink, you should look at times, causing what dreams Loder1899 in men. More information at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqLi8tKlWpI.

Good entertainment, your Loder1899 Team


Rates and features of the "Loder1899" - Ford Focus RS

"Loder1899" Exclusive Package:

Lowered (-35mm) 189.00 Euros
Muffler system on the left / right cat 1636.25 Euro
Exhaust system left / right incl Sportkat, Y-pipe 2388.93 Euro 1189.00 Euro engine management
Design Rim "Viginti" 9x20 Euro 400.13 per wheel
Design Rim "Ira" 9x20 Euro 443.28 per wheel
Sets include tires from 17''to 20''from 1,100.00 Euro
4x rims and tires fully assembled,
filled with nitrogen balanced
Technical data for the new Focus RS: three-door compact sedan, 2.5-liter five-cylinder turbo gasoline engine, Displacement 2521 cm3 • Maximum output 224 kW (305 hp) at 6000 rpm Series, (270 hp at 6000 rpm with "Loder1899") • max. Torque 440 Nm between 2300 and 4.500/min • • Front-wheel drive six-speed manual tank 55 l • • Boot volume 385 l • Length / Width / Height mm 4.357/1.839/1.497 • peak 263 km / h, (,,''Loder1899 top 270 km / h) • 0-100 km / h in 5.9 seconds series (in 5.7 seconds combined with "Loder1899") • Fuel consumption (EU-mix) 9.4 l/100 km • CO2 225 g / km .

Basically provides "Loder1899" all attachments with EC-approval, ABE or parts certification, assembly instructions and all mounting materials. The Rad-/Reifen-Kombinationen TUEV or ABE, mounted, balanced and filled with nitrogen.

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