A new report is indicating that LG Chem is moving forward with plans to be build a $300 million advanced battery plant in southwest Michigan in the near future. The plant will be used to build lithium ion cells for automotive applications. Although LG Chem has yet to publicly announce anything, the plant is expected to supply cells for use in the Chevrolet Volt as well as the other upcoming plug-in hybrid from GM. This summer, GM announced and then canceled plans to build a new PHEV crossover for Buick based on the outgoing Saturn Vue. Which brand will ultimately get the PHEV is still unknown, but it will use a lithium ion pack supplied by LG Chem subsidiary Compact Power.

LG Chem was one of four battery manufacturers that was announced to receive federal government grants earlier this summer for plants in the U.S. The others were Johnson Controls, A123 Systems and Ener1 with the first two having announced intentions to build batteries in Michigan, along with LG Chem. The LG Chem factory is not expected to be online for start of production of the Volt one year from now. Initial supplies of cells will come from its South Korean factory.

[Sources: MLive, GreenCarAdvisor]

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