BREAKING: GM cancels Buick crossover before birth, will add PHEV drivetrain to another vehicle

Surprising news comes by way of General Motors today as the automaker has already canceled its recently announced Buick crossover, which in reality was little more than an ex-Saturn Vue emblazoned with Buick's trademark chrome waterfall grille. And therein lies the rub. As confirmed to Autoblog by Michelle Bunker, Manager of Buick Communications, initial feedback from the media, employees and dealerships regarding the upcoming vehicle was almost universally negative, as the product just didn't seem to fit with the direction the automaker said it was taking the Buick brand. As a result, GM has apparently canceled the program.

Thankfully, though, the Vue's plug-in hybrid powertrain will reportedly be transferred to another vehicle and will hit the market with no delay from the previously announced 2011 sale date. While some might say (and with good reason) that GM should have known the Vue didn't belong in Buick showrooms in the first place, the automaker cites this quick action as evidence that things really are changing at New GM, and it's hard to argue with that assessment – there's little doubt it would have taken countless meetings leading to numerous delays to make such a decision just a few months back.

In any case, GM promises to discuss the replacement for the PHEV in the very near future. Watch this space for more.

[Source: General Motors]

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