Peugeot Globule Concept - Click above for high-res image gallery

While Renault was busy bringing wacky – but real – concept cars to the Frankfurt Motor Show, the creative minds at Yanko Design, they of the recently discussed BMW BlueDynamics Land Yacht, were busy cooking up the shapeshifting Peugeot Globule. While the reason for the four interior pods to be able to move from train to square shape is mostly lost on us (are there that many narrow streets where the snake-like shape would be helpful?), the Globule looks cool enough that we'd want to see one in the real world.

Propulsion for this fantasy is provided by a centralized battery connected to electric motors in each of the four sections. A polymer coating with flexible head and tail lights rounds out the package. The biggest benefit to the blob car, designed by Ahmad Filiz, is that the pods can stack up to then park in a space that's only 130 cm x 130 cm. For bigger families, more pods can be added to the configuration. Pure fantasy, to be sure, but a tremendously unusual one.

[Source: Yanko Design]

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