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Echoing the design of Richard Jenkins' Greenbird, the wind-powered vehicle that set a land-speed record of 126.1 miles per hour earlier this year, we'd like to present a conceptual design for a BMW Blue Dynamics Land Yacht by Stefan Radev. Purely an exercise in "what if?" the renderings show a premium version of a super-sleek sail car that combines the "distinctive style and emotional character" of a BMW with the "exclusiveness of a yacht" and a zero-emission power source.

The virtual concept allows access to the cockpit through an elevating windscreen, and the rigid sail can be moved automatically or manually. While the car only exists in computer form today, you can see the optimism of the designer in this image of the dashboard. There's a wind direction dial and a spedometer – which goes up to 420 km/h. Radev's original description of the Land Yacht is after the jump.

  • 01-3-4-front
  • 02-3-4-back
  • 05-front-hood
  • 04-side-closed-opened
  • 03-mood-front-tire
  • 07-overview
  • 08-interior-details
  • 06-seat-view
  • 09-dashboard-detail

[Source: Yanko Design]

BMW "Blue Dynamics" land yacht description:

The "Blue Dynamics" is a wind powered vehicle. It consists of three wheels and a sail.

The challenge was to incorporate the style of a premium vehicle with the exclusiveness of a yacht, powered by an environmental force- wind. It is an interpretation of the idea through the eyes of a premium automobile brand like BMW, that has taken a path of creating environmentally- friendly cars, who carry a distinctive style and emotional character.

The name "Blue Dynamics" combines a symbolic connection of the wind (air) and BMW's "efficient dynamics", "active hybrid" greener emmission programs.

The playground of "Blue Dynamics" is flat a open space like deserts or beaches with typical wind conditions

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