When Jaime Case and Chris Hodges decided to get married, Jaime didn't want the regular run-up filled with fights, dresses, cakes, consultants and huge expenses. So she dreamed up a Wedding Road Trip, the theme of which was "Two people, two months, two hundred friends, one bad economy, one ring, one dress, one car, one life together." Essentially, it would be a trip around these United States – with plenty of rules – to see friends before getting married.

To help make the trip, Ford Motor Company donated a Fusion sedan to the couple's cause. It also happened that Jaime and Chris wanted to take new last names instead of Jaime taking her husband-to-be's surname, and so the couple spent months trying to come up with one. After "two months of long conversations, intense fights, and hours of thinking," the last name they came up with: Ford. That's right, they are now Chris and Jaime Ford.

There were five criteria they used to choose the new name, and eleven reasons why "Ford" was found to be perfect. We won't spoil it, but the justifications are wide-ranging, span rivers, a president and first lady, capitalism, egalitarianism, family, a Mustang fastback and two pickup trucks. Learn more at the link below.

[Source: Wedding Road Trip via USA Today | Image: The Ford Story]

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