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Man leads police on high speed chase, blames recent marriage

A Nashville man flees marital bliss and leads police on a 20 mile chase through Tennessee.

Paramedic bride leaves own wedding to help family in car crash

A paramedic in Tennessee responded to an emergency call earlier this month while still wearing her flowing white wedding dress.

44 Mazda Miatas Spell Out Marriage Proposal

Man reached out on forum to arrange marriage proposal

A member of the Miata.net forum recently asked other MX-5 enthusiasts to help him pop the big question to his bride-to-be.

Wedding couple celebrates nuptials in the parking lot with donuts

Weddings are often joyous, fun-filled occasions full of revelry and some serious celebrating. And while we appreciate the fact that a couple is being joined together, we have a feeling a video like this could have very easily ruined said couple's big day.

Iceland's first Tesla Motor S EVs bought sight unseen

Iceland's first importer of Tesla Model S electric vehicles said his first seven sales were made to buyers who'd never seen the car. With the vehicles now in the country, he now says he hopes to have 25 sold by the end of the year, according to Plug In Cars.

Newlywed couple changes last names to Ford to celebrate... well, Fords

When Jaime Case and Chris Hodges decided to get married, Jaime didn't want the regular run-up filled with fights, dresses, cakes, consultants and huge expenses. So she dreamed up a Wedding Road Trip, the theme of which was "Two people, two months, two hundred friends, one bad economy, one ring, one dress, one car, one life together." Essentially, it would be a trip around these United States – with plenty of rules – to see friends before gett