VW's Winterkorn reportedly proposes a trio of new Porsches

2010 Porsche Panamera - Click above for a high-res image gallery

VW CEO Martin Winterkorn appears to be laying out a future for Porsche that could make the company happier, but might not please its core customers... again. Of course, the impetus is to increase volume. Porsche sold nearly 100,000 vehicles in its last fiscal year -- but won't get anywhere close to that this fiscal year -- but Winterkorn wants the Stuttgart sports car manufacturer to put out 150,000 units annually by 2013.

More volume means selling more of what they've got, or making something new to sell. The new proposed direction is the latter: three new models, two of which would be lower-cost numbers-makers. There were no details given beyond market placement, but the first car would slot in below the Boxster. If you have images of a 914 sputtering through your head, banish the thought -- Winterkorn promises that VW will not make Porsches.

The second car has been referred to as a "baby brother" for the Cayenne, or a Porsche version of VW's Tiguan. That could be the mini-ute that Porsche and Audi have spent the past few years denying its existence. At the top is another version of the Panamera, maybe one with the same stellar interior and driving abilities but with a stellar back end to match. No matter what they end up looking like, the real point is that you'll be seeing a lot more Porsches on the roads soon.

[Source: AutoBild (translated) via German Car Blog]

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