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With Ford taking on a $5.9 billion loan from the DOE and President Obama in favor of a million plug-in vehicles by 2015, how might the money help Ford put plugs on upcoming vehicles. Ford was quite clear that the DOE money will be used to improve the fuel efficiency of 13 models and get them on roads soon, but the medium-term plans do call for more outlets. Speaking to Reuters recently, Ford's director of hybrid vehicle programs, Nancy Gioia, predicted that "from 10 to 25 percent" of Ford's vehicles will be electrified in some way by 2020. The first step is to convince drivers that plugging in makes sense. For this, Ford is working with utilities around the U.S. to gather data on driver behavior with plug-ins, especially with the Escape plug-in hybrid. As Ford CEO Alan Mulally said last week, "We cannot do it alone."

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[Source: Reuters]

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