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The Detroit Auto Show, known officially as the North American International Auto Show, is always the biggest car show of the year. In 2009, though, the event wasn't quite as busy or as populated as it's been in past years. The whole down economy thing - plus problems with the venue - played a role in the downsizing, but organizers of the 2010 event are starting to hint that the next show will be bigger and better than 2009.

The Detroit News is saying that some automakers that skipped the show in 2009 - Ferrari, Land Rover and Nissan - might return next year. There were 51 brands represented in 2009. On the green car front, the changes of note include a bigger and better EcoXperience (the smelly fake forest driving area in the basement) where alternative fueled vehicles could be taken for test drives; and the first appearance of Indian automaker Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, which is hoping to sell small trucks in the U.S. soon. Also, a private event held during the show and designed to showcase big ticket cars called the "Gallery" might double in size in 2010. Last year, two Maybachs, one Lamborghini and one Fisker vehicle were sold during the Gallery.

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[Source: Detroit News]

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