Click above for a photo tour of the Ecoxperience

There is a special smell coming up from the basement of Cobo Hall. We're not sure which combination of chemicals and fakery makes up the distinctive odor, but we know that it's the fault of the "Michigan EcoXperience," aka the forest in the basement. To spare you the wrinkled nose hairs - and as a service to those of you not able to come to Detroit - we headed down and got not just pictures but also a video of what it's like to drive among the trees and yet be inside a basement at the same time. Surreal doesn't begin to describe it. There are real Michigan maple, pine and birch trees and flowering tulips and orchids down there, all decorating a track where various zero-emission and alt-fuel cars drive in endless loops. Yes, we're serious. Check out video after the jump. Enjoy.


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