As the movie Hoosiers amply demonstrated, Indiana natives don't quit. That's also true for three Indiana state pension funds who have fought Chrysler's bankruptcy all the way to the federal appeals court in New York and, having lost their case there, are filing papers with the Supreme Court today.

The central issue is that the funds feel Chrysler's post-bankruptcy remuneration plans have unfairly cost the funds a great deal of value by putting unsecured debtors such as the UAW ahead of the funds' claims. They are fighting the bankruptcy by alleging that the government's TARP disbursal to Chrysler was unconstitutional and that the subsequent events amount to a covert reorganization, not Chapter 11.

Yet when asked whether a Chrysler liquidation would be better for the pension funds than the Fiat deal, the funds' lawyer replied that he was looking for more remuneration for secured debtors. The filing will go to Justice Ginsburg who will decide whether to accept it at all, to handle it alone or to refer to the full court for hearing. Chrysler has until June 15 to emerge free and clear, else Fiat can walk away. And if that happens, Chrysler might owe Fiat $35 million -- which is just $7 million short of what the three Indiana funds together have invested in the Pentastar. Thanks for the tip, MM!

[Source: Automotive News, sub. req'd]

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