How not to endear yourself to the media: send in messages that say, "It is so easy to jump on the bandwagon when you don't know the facts. Shame on you all."

This is how Michael Papp is trying to reintroduce himself to the alternative vehicle world. Papp made headlines about a year ago when he was arrested for not delivering electric vehicles to two companies. Papp was (and is) the man behind Spark EV, and he recently updated his site to say that:

Fifteen months of time, the complete ruination of his name, his business, his future. The loss of his family, friends, and his children. All of this needed to happen before someone actually picked up the phone & called the Port of Newark, as well as the shipping company, to find out – the cars were there all along. Just like the man said they were. A simple phone call that should have been made 15 months ago.
This page will get very interesting in the next month or so.

The whole thing is a sort of dramatic and angry, but what's even better is that Papp has reached out to the AutoblogGreen community and said he's willing to answer our questions. So, if you've been wondering what happened, let's hear some Qs in the comments.

[Source: Spark EV]

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