Spark EV's Michael Papp might face more charges

Spark-EV's Michael Papp's future might not be looking up. As you probably remember, Papp was arrested last week for not delivering 14 electric vehicles to two companies, Electric Cars of Houston and Electric Transportation of Arkansas. Penn Live has posted an article from The Express-Times that says that the local District Attorney, John Morganelli, is checking into filing additional charges against Papp. Morganelli said that Papp has been on his radar for a while.
Papp now says he plans to refund the $100,000 he accepted from the two EV companies "but could not immediately give back the wired payments," the Express-Times wrote. Papp also said he can prove the cars are ordered and en route to the two companies. We'll see, won't we?

[Source: Penn Live]

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