REPORT: More foreign automakers skipping Tokyo Motor Show as tally swells to 22

As of Thursday, Porsche and Maserati are the latest two brands to pull out of the biennial Tokyo Motor Show. That brings the tally to 22 foreign brands sitting out the Japanese showcase, leaving Hyundai, Ferrari, and Lotus to duel for import honors. Said a show spokesman, "It is unprecedented to see such a large number of carmakers not coming to the motor show. It's disappointing."

And even though Japan's 14 domestic makers are expected to show in force, the country's four largest truck makers have said they won't be coming. At least one report has said there will be half as many cars this year as there were two years ago. As with the other brands that have decided to pass on this year's show, Porsche and Maserati cited the cost of attendance.

[Source: Taiwan News]

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