Vehicle infotainment systems, those all-inclusive interfaces controlling the myriad electronics on today's modern cars and trucks, can make or break the driving experience. CNET is offering us a sneak-peek at Volkswagen's latest iteration from the company's Electronic Research Laboratory (ERL). Developed with Intel, the new system uses Global Open Research Infotainment Architecture, or GLORIA.

Most systems today us a joystick-like device, touch screen, or hard buttons on the edge of the display (or a combination of the three) to control the inputs. Volkswagen's new GLORIA system takes it one step further by making Apple iPhone-like "gesture control" possible. This means that users are able to navigate quickly by simply tracing single letters across the pressure-sensitive display. Another unique feature may allow users to import third-party widgets for the system, much like consumers currently load apps from iTunes onto their iPhones. As cool as it sounds, GLORIA is still under development and she isn't expected to see showrooms for a few more years.

[Source: CNET, Photo by CNET]

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