Opel's Insignia OPC is one of those "available elsewhere" cars that's got us licking our chops. The Insignia is headed to North America as a Buick, and enthusiasts everywhere hope the hotshot OPC version gets widely propagated. What's not likely to make any trans-Atlantic journeys is a wagon version of Opel's performance-enhanced sedan. Spy-shooters have nailed an Insignia OPC Sports Tourer running about uncamoflaged, and the wagon's got its sights trained on Audi's S4 Avant.
Built up from familiar General Motors pieces, the Insignia OPC Sports Tourer uses componentry we've seen before. The 2.8 liter turbocharged V6, six speed manual, and all wheel drive system with eLSD torque vectoring is a recipe cooked up by the Saab Turbo X, albeit Opel's version is spicier, with 325 horsepower on tap. Euro-flavored performance wagons are a delectable treat, but it doesn't look like the Insignia OPC Sports Tourer will be added to Buick's menu for North American automotive diners.

[Source: Carscoop, Photo: Carscoop]

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