After yesterday's Chrysler news regarding the first-lien holders and the U.S. Treasury coming to terms, we hope none of you thought the Pentastar had gotten off the see-saw. The latest tidbit comes from Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne, but it comes via CAW head Ken Lewenza. According to Lewenza, Marchionne said that with two days left before Chrysler's got to show viability or go under, that "regardless of all the bondholders and stakeholders coming to the pump," if Marchionne had to put his money on the outcome he "would suggest Chrysler is going to fall into Chapter 11."

Also according to Lewenza, Marchionne also said "the Canadian plants are about as well positioned as you could possibly be,"so who knows, this could be Lewenza taking a dig at Chrysler and engaging in a little self promotion. Now we only have to wait and see if Fiat issues a 'clarification' of what Marchionne is reported to have said. For while Fiat isn't expected to put any money in for its potential stake in Chrysler, it is still being looked at as a possible savior, and those aren't the kinds of sentiments you want to hear from the person leading the cavalry moments before the battle is decided.

[Source: Auto News, sub req'd | Image: Giuseppe Cacace/Getty]

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