BMWDesignworksUSA Hydrogen Salt Flat Racer - Click above to enlarge

Remember the 5th Annual LA Auto Show Design Challenge from a few months back? Designers put pen to paper (or, probably more accurately, mouse to mouse pad) in an effort to imagine what eco-friendly racecars would be like in the year 2025. The winning entry was the Mazda KAAN from the Mazda North American Operation design team, but there were plenty more interesting vehicles to consider, such as the BMW Hydrogen Powered Salt Flat Racer.

The team from MINI Space wanted to know more about the Salt Flat Racer, so they sat down with the designers and put the interview up for the world to see. There's lots here that we hadn't noticed upon first inspection, such as the use of recycled BBQ grill wheels, an old oil drum, and a bomb shell. That's not the best part, though. Since the concept uses hydrogen that's extracted from an on-board water tank, the BMWDesignworksUSA team decided to put a few goldfish in there for fun. Read all about it here.

[Source: MINI Space]

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