Station design by Richard Barret of EPR Architects

Abandoned gas stations in London may be getting new, greener leases on life later this year. Evoasis has announced plans to begin converting the former fuel depots into Upstart-branded fast charge stations for electric-powered vehicles. This first one will be located on Grosvenor Road and will offer 12 charging points, each equipped with enough electron juice to allow for a 20-minute charge, depending on the size and chemistry of your battery. The stations will having lounge areas to hang out in and enjoy purchased food and coffee. We hope to God imagine they will also supply Wi-Fi as well.

In addition to the six UpStart stations expected this year, the company is in talks with Tesco and the Westminster council for additional stand-alone charging points that would also use the company's British telephone booth-like R2G (red to green) appliance. It sports a 360 degree video screen that can display advertising or other message media. According to Britain's transport minister, almost 5,000 electric vehicles have been registered for the road since 2004, including 1,322 last year.

[Source: Evening Standard / Evoasis]

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