Click above for a gallery of slides outlining Chrysler's planned alliance with Fiat

While Chrysler didn't exactly say that there was no chance it could survive without realizing the proposed alliance with Italian automaker Fiat, the long, drawn-out 177-page document that it filed last night with Congress doesn't leave any doubt that its future plans rely heavily on new platforms from abroad.

For instance, Chrysler points out that the two automaker's product portfolios only overlap in the midsize segments – we already know that Chrysler has had little luck with its own Sebring and Dodge Avenger – and it points to a future line that would include the Fiat 500 and Punto along with the Alfa Romeo MiTo. Fullsize and larger models may include the as-yet unheard of Alfa Milano and Giulia. Further investigation shows that Chrysler is also looking forward to getting Fiat's dual clutch transmission, Multiair engine technology and common rail diesel technology.

In return for all of these new vehicles and drivetrain components, Chrysler would provide its 4-cylinder gasoline-powered world engines and new Phoenix gas V6 engine lines plus access to its large vehicle and truck platforms.

Click here to download a PDF of Chrysler LLC's Restructuring Plan for Long Term Viability (Note: It's 177 pages long). Back in January, we made our list of Top Five Fiats we want to see Chrysler bring to the U.S. Read it here.

[Source: Chrysler]

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