By now, we all know that Chrysler's small car offerings are well below par. The PT Cruiser may have been a hot seller in its day, but it's well past its expiration date and is currently on life support. The Dodge Caliber isn't particularly competitive in its segment either. Beyond those two machines, there's nothing smaller than a midsize sedan or compact SUV from any of the Pentastar divisions. What's more, before the announcement of a certain Italian partnership, the prospects of Chrysler becoming quickly competitive were awfully bleak, with just one future car on the menu through a partnership with Nissan. Fiat, on the other hand, has an abundance of proper compact and subcompact cars from which to choose, and we've assembled a list of five of our favorites. Here's hoping that the impending strategic global alliance between the two automakers allows for the entrance of a few of these small cars in the American market in short order. Predictions are mixed that the partnership will be good for Chrysler (no, it won't / yes, it will), but at the very least we can dream about these five cars while we find out.

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