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Flush from the news that its F-150 pickup performed markedly better than many of its primary competitors in a new series of IIHS side-impact crash tests, Ford has rolled out its latest larger-than-life Harley-Davidson model.

Outside of the appearance items, the HD is essentially a Platinum Edition F-Series in motorcycle leathers, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Available in either Lava (dark maroon) or Tuxedo Black, the Harley looks very aggressive in the metal – and the effect is not just a function of scale. The bold six-bar grille and 22-inch Harley-branded polished/painted alloys clearly set it apart as a distinct model from other F-Series pickups, and Ford has also slathered the pickup in oversized emblems and strange red "swoosh" marks on the rocker panels. While we could do without the latter flourishes, the truck still strikes us as particularly good-looking in Lava.

Ford's 14th Harley-branded product also has a seriously dolled-up interior that is likewise not for introverts. The prevailing theme behind the cabin's styling is that of a Harley biker jacket, and the materials, color choices, and the gigantic badges on the seats and center console (including a serialized plate) are unsubtle but appropriate.

Clearly not a truck for wallflowers, Ford continues to carve out niche after niche for its new 2010 F-150. Click on the gallery below for in-person shots of the new HD F-150, and then click here for more details.

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