While your next car might not be made in Michigan, the next movie you see might be. At least it could work out that way if Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm's plan succeeds.
In Granholm's State of the State Address earlier this week, the governor announced that: "Wonderstruck Animation Studios will invest $86 million to build a new studio in Detroit; Stardock Systems, a digital gaming manufacturer, will build its production facilities in Plymouth; and Motown Motion Pictures will invest $54 million to build their new film studios at a former GM plant in Pontiac."

Michigan has been offering some generous enticements to the film industry for some time now. The state's lawmakers passed a law last year to offer filmmakers cash refunds of 40% or more to movies made in Michigan. The Wall Street Journal says that's one reason Warner moved production of "Gran Torino" from Minnesota to Michigan. The state is also throwing in $15 million in tax credits and another $101 million more in credits over 12 years if hiring quotas are met.

[Sources: The Wall Street Journal; Detroit Free Press]

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