The first official trailer for Clint Eastwood's latest film, Gran Torino, which opens on December 17, has arrived over at Apple's movie trailer web page. Available in a variety of sizes including HD, but unfortunately not embedable, the trailer shows Clint using the gruffest voice possible to disparage the Asian family who moved in next door. Clint's character, however, becomes a hero after saving their teenage son. How does he do that? By pointing a shotgun at some gang bangers and saying, "Get off my lawn." Classic, classic Clint. The title character of the movie, Clint's 1972 Gran Torino Sport, makes an appearance in the trailer, but it's quick and there's no mention of how the car fits into the larger plot. Who cares? Clint Eastwood and a classic muscle car are enough star power to get us to watch. Throw in Asian gangs and a shotgun and you've got our Oscar vote. Click here to watch the trailer over at Apple.

[Source: Apple via Dumb Drum]

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