Click above for a gallery of the Zap Alias

Say what you want about Zap (and we have), at the very least the company has brought a rolling prototype of the Alias three-wheeled electric vehicle to New Orleans. Zap will be unveiling this vehicle and a new low-speed Shuttle van at the NADA expo there this weekend. How do we know the vehicle can move on its own power? By watching the 30-second video after the jump. One of the official pictures from Zap (above, and there are more in the gallery below) gives the impression that this car is moving at high speeds, but in the video the car is just crawling slowly in a loading dock area. Still, this is more progress we've seen on this vehicle than anything else since it was first talked about about 20 months ago. For more details on the Zap Alias, see this post.

Thanks to anonymous for the tip!

[Source: Zap, YouTube]

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