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Zap is coming to New Orleans for the annual National Automobile Dealers Association expo this weekend and is bringing a surprise vehicle with it. The company has announced it will debut a new five-passenger, low-speed electric van at the show. Unlike the Zap Xebra, the new Zap Shuttle has four wheels (like the Zap Truck XL) and 108 cubic feet of carrying space. The NEV can carry up to 900 pounds and costs $14,700. For a few extra bucks, you can add air conditioning, solar panels or a rapid charger to the package. The standard van can recharge in six hours from a 110 volt outlet and that'll be good enough to drive for 30 miles. Zap says it will also debut the Alias electric car at the NADA show. More details on that that when we get them.

The old standby, the Zap Xebra, hasn't been totally forgotten. It recently made an appearance on the TV show Monk; watch a video of that after the break.

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ZAP to Introduce Electric Van and Truck at Nation's Largest Auto Dealer Expo January 24

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (January 15, 2009) – To help automotive fleets reduce emissions and operating expenses, electric car pioneer ZAP (OTC BB: ZAAP) will debut a five-passenger, 4-wheel, 100 percent, plug-in electric van at the National Automobile Dealers Association annual conference and exposition, booth number 4763, January 24-27, 2009 in New Orleans.

ZAP's new Shuttle was designed for passenger transport or cargo. The seats are removable so it can convert into a cargo vehicle with 108 cubic feet and a 900 lb. total carrying capacity. Large slider doors on both sides and a rear lift hatch provide convenient access to the rear compartment, which is weatherproof and secure. At 138 inches, its length is just shy of most mini-vans and at 6 ft 2 inches it has plenty of headroom. The ZAP Shuttle was designed for transportation around large campuses, to and from parking lots, and, because it produces zero emissions, through factories, warehouses and other indoor uses. Air conditioning, solar panels and a rapid charger are available options. MSRP: $14,700. ZAP's new XL Truck was designed with a roomy cab for two and a sturdy bed platform capable of transporting 800 lbs. for on-road use and up to 1,600 lbs. capacity for private roads and facilities. This 100 percent electric workhorse has convertible, drop- side bed construction to convert to a flatbed. ZAP's XL Truck can be ordered with options like air conditioning, enclosed weatherproof cargo box, solar charger, above-bed utility rack and rapid charging system. MSRP is $14,500. Governments are starting to use purchase more electric vehicles. For example, the US Army recently committed to purchasing 10,000 electric vehicles for fleet use. ZAP's new Shuttle and XL Truck offer fleets more flexibility and utility with their electric vehicles. For on-road use, the Shuttle and XL Trucks conform to US regulations for Low Speed Vehicles with a top speed of 25 MPH limited to streets with a posted speed limit of 35 MPH.

As part of ZAP's global distribution strategy, the ZAP's new van and truck are designed to meet or exceed government certifications for most of the world. Both can drive up to thirty miles on a charge and recharge at a standard 110 volt outlet in about six hours and an 80 percent charge in just four hours. ZAP offers optional upgrades to 220 volt charging for faster charging, or upgraded batteries for longer distances. Electric transportation has been winning fans. Electric vehicles are less expensive to fuel and maintain, costing about three cents per mile for its fleet vehicles and about half the cost to maintain due to less moving parts. Electrics are also less polluting. Even counting the emissions from electric power plants, studies electric vehicles can reduce automotive emissions by 90 percent compared to gasoline. Electric vehicles are fun to drive, with quiet, smooth acceleration, no vibration, no shifting and almost no noise. Interested buyers can order both the ZAP Shuttle and the ZAP XL Truck today online at or by calling 707-525-8658.

About ZAP ZAP has been a leader in electric transportation since 1994, delivering over 100,000 vehicles to consumers in more than 75 countries. ZAP manufactures a line of electric vehicles, including electric city-cars and trucks, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, and ATVs. ZAP sells some of the only electric city-cars, trucks and vans in production today and is developing a high-performance electric vehicle called the ZAP Alias. For product, dealer and investor information, visit

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