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In addition to making its own sportscars that are renowned for their sublime handling, Lotus has helped a wide variety of other automakers – Dodge, Ford, Isuzu, Talbot, Tesla, Toyota, and Vauxhall to name a few – adjust the suspensions on their cars to Lotus standards. Kia is slated to become the next to benefit from the combined experience of Lotus' chassis experts, as the Korean automaker recently contracted the services of the British engineering firm.

The first car to benefit from Lotus' input will be the new Kia Soul, but the partnership is slated to extend to all of the Korean brand's future models. Although reports suggest that the collaboration is earmarked specifically towards setting up Kia products for British roads, we certainly hope that Lotus can help Kia's ride and handling dynamics across the board. This isn't the first time Lotus and Kia have collaborated, either, as Kia sold rebadged versions of the Elan for a couple of years after Lotus discontinued the model in 1995.

[Source: CAR]

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