The Ohio State University like a few alt-fuel cars: the Buckeye Bullet 2, hydrogen-powered golf carts and Zipcar/Flexcar. Well, scratch that last one. OSU has decided to give the campus car-sharing contract to Connect by Hertz instead of Zipcar. The exact reason for the switch was not disclosed, with OSU saying only that Zipcar was "not the successful bidder." The Columbus Dispatch reports that Zipcar, with at first 20 but then seven vehicles on campus, did not provide enough cars to suit employee needs. OSU did not provide details on how Connect will work at OSU, but in other places, Hertz offers rate plans that range from $50 a year to $125 per month (depending on the plan) that includes gas, insurance and maintenance. Then you have hourly rental fees that start at $8.50. The Dispatch says that Hertz will have a dozen cars on campus and charge between $9 and $11 an hour for them. OSU uses car-sharing in an attempt to reduce the number of state vehicles - most of which sit unused during the day - needed on campus. Thanks to a buckeye for the tip!

[Source: Ohio State University, Columbus Dispatch]

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