Hydrogen golf cart embodies hydrogen thinking in OSU lab

Wanna keep the golf course green green? How about driving a golf cart that emits water vapor? (Might it help water the lawn?)

Our sibling blog BloggingOhio told us about a project to build a hydrogen fuel cell golf cart. While I'm no fan of golf courses, I do approve of alternative energy for cars. That said, I don't understand why researchers at Ohio State University have taken a golf cart, the kind that already run on electricity, and converted it into a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, using a borrowed Ford car as a model. If you're going to take the time and energy to work on hydrogen, doesn't it make sense to at least eliminate a standard ICE in the process? OSU's Center for Automotive Research did recently install a hydrogen fueling center. Maybe they just needed something to fill up.

You can see a video of OSU's hydrogen program, featuring the golf cart, here (transcript here).

[Source: OSU via BloggingOhio, thanks to Tom Barlow]

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