OSU Buckeye Bullet 2 captures FIA fuel cell land speed record

When Ford pushed their Hydrogen Fusion 999 to a record 207 mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats back in August, they were running alongside the Buckeye Bullet 2 team from Ohio State University. Like the Fusion 999, the OSU streamliner is powered by hydrogen fuel cells. The August runs were in preparation for a full-on record attempt this month when they planned to go for a record 350 mph. That would have topped their current 317 mph record for electrically-driven vehicles. At last check they hadn't yet managed a full-power run but even with limited power they did achieve a new FIA land speed record. The timing equipment recorded an exit speed from the seven-mile course
of 224.301 mph making the Bullet the fastest fuel cell powered vehicle to date. We'll let you know if they get up to their target speed.

[Source: Buckeye Bullet 2 blog]

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