On one hand, Steve Saleen has two Challengers due out under his SMS brand. On the other, he's got the slightly tangled mess of CHAMCO, it's Chinese partner Zhongxing Auto, and their joint U.S. venture, ZX Auto North America International.

Earlier this year, Steve was meant to be helping CHAMCO bring Chinese-made Zhongxing pickup trucks to America. Due to CHAMCO and ZX Auto NA getting tied up in bankruptcy, it appears Saleen has left CHAMCO to join its Chinese partner, Zhongxing Auto. There, he will develop a platform on which Zhongxing will base a sports car, a sedan, a CUV, an SAV, and an MPV. It looks like a Chinese-market operation, with Zhongxing promising mid- and high-end segment competitors with "big power and big torque."

[Source: Gasgoo]

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