VIDEO: Stealth 1,000 HP Nissan Patrol

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We just told you about Nissan's next-gen Patrol SUV and the fact that it might be coming to North America. While rumors have the engine options including a first-ever V8 for the model, the big news is the diesel engine co-developed with Renault that's slated to put out 405 ft-lbs. of torque. While that sounds enticing, apparently that won't be good enough for a certain impatient Dubai businessman. He went to tuner HKS and had them turn up the wick a bit on a current-generation Patrol while he's waiting for the new one.

The result is more than 1,000 PS, or roughly 1,000 HP. And the best part is that the exterior remains mostly stock looking, though the giant hood scoop is admittedly a tipoff. We'd suggest tracking down some Pirelli Scorpions at least, though they're not likely to be as useful for track duty. Sure, a Bugatti Veyron might be more stylish and yes, it has about the same horsepower. Heck, it even has all-wheel drive, but it doesn't have nearly the ground clearance or the cargo room as this Patrol, so the decision was obvious. Apparently, this stealth bomber SUV was just featured in an issue of Option Magazine in Japan. If anyone has more details, please share. Until then, check out the gallery and the video after the jump.

[Source: The Real JDM]

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