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A Japanese motoring magazine brought together two flavors of tuned GT-Rs and unleashed them on a tight, mountain road in this fantastic 4K video.


Well, that didn't take long. The First Toyota FT-86 (a.k.a. Scion FR-S) has made its way to the dyno courtesy of the good people at HKS. How'd it do? The vehicle managed to spin the rollers at 170 rear-wheel horsepower, which dovetails with the 200 crank horsepower announced by Toyota and Subaru after calculating a 15-percent driveline loss. Of course, whenever HKS gets involved, you can feel safe betting your lunch money that forced induction won't be far behind. True to form, HKS showed off i

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Like Germany and the Nurburgring, the United States is quickly seeing Buttonwillow Raceway's clock-wise configuration #13 become the circuit of choice for lap time bragging rights. While Buttonwillow does not have luxurious surrounding establishments or exceptional facilities, it does provide a variety of corners, is close to a major city (Los Angeles) and open year-round. Recently, media outlets Super Street and Eurotuner hosted their annual Super Lap Battle Finals (previously referred to as Ti

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