Scooter sales shot skyward just about as fast as gas prices did early this summer as the little buzzers took the place of larger, gas guzzling machines, especially in urban areas. Honda's got some new scooter advertising floating around these days, and it's pretty clever, likening the diminutive smart fortwo to the even smaller 50cc Metropolitan scooter (click the ad at the right to enlarge). Of course, Honda's two-wheeler handily outperforms its much larger four-wheeled cousin, more than doubling the fortwo's EPA mileage ratings. Still, it's always tough to compare the virtues of a scooter with those of a car. It takes quite a commitment to choose open-air riding on the back of a little scooter as opposed to the relative safety of a "cage." Plus, the smart can get up to highway speeds with nary a problem, something that can't be said for the Metropolitan. Regardless, we think the ad gets the point across that the scooter's got style and efficiency in droves. And you?
[Source: Trends Updates]

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