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While telling the feds that it needs seven billion dollars - pronto! - just to keep the lights on, representatives for Chrysler are also saying that their plans for affordable electric cars, minivans and off-roaders are already in place and will basically save the company. When we first saw the prototypes, we noticed that none of them seemed ready for prime time. Still, the word from Chrysler is that EVs are "going to be a big deal for Chrysler."

That's what Lou Rhodes, Chrysler's vice president for advanced vehicle engineering, recently told CNNMoney. Chrysler has also said that it could be selling electric cars to fleets by 2009 and to the rest of us a year later; also, the company says that half of its vehicles could be electric drive by 2020. Ambitious goals, sure, but how seriously can we take them when they're asking for the big bucks and the Chrysler hybrids SUVs have already passed us by?

[Source: CNNMoney]

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