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We are so used to huge trucks with outlandish paint jobs at SEMA, that we barely noticed these monstrosities in one corner of the upper level of the South Hall. But then we spotted the "Making Green Cool Zone" banner hanging over them and decided to take a closer look. Along with the dozen or so cars and bikes on display there were some seriously non-green-looking trucks. Their carbon footprints might be small, but godalmighty were they huge.

There was an enormous 2006 Chevy Dually done up by eXtreme-Biodiesel to showcase their 4-hour, 40-gallon portable Extreme Green Machines that make biodiesel just about anywhere they want to. The truck itself gets 25 mpg, which might not seem too impressive until you read that the turbodiesel engine pumps out 1,000 hp and 1,200 ft. lbs. of torque.

Dino Fuel Alternatives (DFA) was also on hand with not one, but two veggie oil trucks. They had a Vegistroke Ford, which we already know is one fast truck, having won the Thundertruck drags with a time of 15.81 seconds, but they also claim it gets 144 mpg. DFA's Vegistroke system has been available for any PowerStroke motor, but the company just finished its new VegiRam system for the Cummins diesel engine also. It was displayed in a VegiRam Dodge dually painted up like a NASCAR Craftsman truck series competitor.

Johnathan Goodwin had another super-efficient Hummer in Vegas, this one an H1 model with E85, Biodiesel, and water boy stickers on it. We already told you about the other Hummer H1 at SEMA that has been converted by Zero South with tracks to do a South Pole run next year. Right now it's a rolling education center with video screens facing in so passengers can see project presentations. Wild Gator Racing brought out a specially-prepped E85 Chevy Silverado that looked trail-ready.

Then we saw our favorite vehicle of the day, Baby. It's an old Japanese fire truck that was converted to run on natural oils and has become an ambassador for alternative fuels and environmental issues as it made its way around the world. Baby was featured in the award-winning documentary Oil + Water, and is now on the Kavu Elements Nature Propelled educational tour. Besides being able to run on just about any kind of oil, Baby also uses vehicle motion, sun, wind and water to store and use energy so the team can run off the grid when parked. The whole thing opens up too, with sleeping areas and a stage for movie showings, concerts and presentations. Very, very cool. See it in the gallery below (of just click here).

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