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SEMA surprised us a bit this year with its "Making Green Cool Zone." On display were a dozen or so cars and trucks, along with a few bikes that all had some green angle. In some cases the vehicles were modified production vehicles that had been given an aftermarket treatment to increase economy, in others they were high-mileage vehicles that had simply been spiffed up, still others were unique vehicles created with green living at their hearts.

The bikes and other products in the booth included the Brammo Enertia Electric Motorcycle that we drove back at EVS23. It was at SEMA to help promote the upcoming TTXGP, the world's first clean emission Grand Prix that will run around the Isle of Man June 12, 2009.

We also saw the Derby City Customs hybrid Kawasaki, that they claim will run with onboard-sourced hydrogen injection to improve mileage. ElectroJet was also on hand, showing off its small engine fuel injection system. The EFI system was fitted to a small Chinese motorcycle engine, which the company chose to highlight the terrible pollution in China and a way the country can increase the cleanliness of the 20 million bikes they make every year.

Among the dozens of green products we saw in the display cases, we noticed that 3M was demonstrating their new lead-free wheel weight system for tire and wheel shops. It is a roll of composite material that can be cut to length for each application. Not only is there no lead going into the equation, but individual weight inventories will be eliminated and shops can just stock a single roll of material, which can be cut with a scissors or cutter. Pretty cool.

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