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Cars powered by motorcycle engines and motorcycles powered by car engines... dogs and cats, living together – mass hysteria! Perhaps a more suitable compromise between four- and two-wheeled machines is in order, maybe splitting the difference and going with three wheels instead. From VW-powered trikes to ZX14-engined specials, the three-wheeled platform has seen its fair share of development over the years. One such machine, called the Sportcycle, offers a new twist on the three-wheel platform. It's powered by a Kawasaki ZRX, as in a whole Kawasaki ZRX motorcycle and not just its engine. The entire Kawasaki motorcycle on which the Sportcycle is based has been left completely intact, minus the front wheel and fork. Those have been replaced by the driver's seat and a full front axle sporting two wheels. It's absolutely brilliant in a crazy, maniacal kinda way. One benefit to this peculiar platform is that a second passenger could still ride on the bike's stock seat if you removed that absurd rear wing. The Sportcycle is currently on eBay Motors with a Buy-It-Now price of a little under $15,000, which is about what you'd pay for similar trikes like the the Tri-Magnum and XR3 from Riley Enterprises and the Can Am Spyder, which can also be had brand-new for about 15 grand. Thanks for the tip, Johannas!

[Source: eBay Motors via The Kneeslider]


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